sun drying cherry tomatoes (the easy way)

by casita limón loves...mediterranean inspiration...

cherry tomatoes ripening on the vine cherry tomatoesThese little beauties are the first of my cherry tomato crop.  I was amazed to find them ripe on the vine in March!  There’s nothing more satisfying than biting into a home grown cherry tomato, it’s like biting into a little multi-vitamin bursting with sweet flavour. Remember when you were a kid and your Mum used to put a tomato in your lunch box ? and it actually tasted like a tomato ? well, that’s what you get with these…I would highly recommend growing your own especially if you like me want to avoid over consumption of tasteless force grown supermarket food.

sun drying tomatoes in the car

sun drying cherry tomatoes on the dashboard

Throughout the month of June our cherry tomato abundance peeked so I diligently picked them, washed them, dried them and then cut them in half.  I lined a tray with baking paper and laid the halves out evenly with the wet side facing up.  Then I parked the car in the sun and put the tray on the dash board, making sure that the windows were up and that no flies or bugs had found their way into the car.  These tomatoes took just over a day, with temperatures in June around 27 degrees.  I reckon on a sunny weekend in the UK you could do the same, and would seize the moment if there’s a mini heatwave.  The car acts as a makeshift dehydrator without any of the expense, no equipment costs or electricity and all natural. You need to keep checking them every half day because you want them to be on the chewy side rather than the crispy side.  When they’re ready just tip into a clean (sterlised) jam jar and top with extra virgin olive oil.  The flavour is  intense…

sun dried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil

my sun dried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil