discarded iron headboards get a new lease of life

discarded iron headboards get a new lease of life at casa limón

I love up-cycling, it really appeals to me. Waste seems pointless and feels all wrong, so the idea of re-purposing something that would otherwise be left to rot on a landfill site thrills me.  Even when we re-formed Casa Limón we recycled – window openings became door openings, door openings became window openings and things that already existed in the house got moved and re-purposed as something else.

up-cycled and re-purposed, discarded iron headboards gets re-loved at casa limon

These old headboards had been following us around for years.  We originally found them buried in the walls of a fifteenth-century barn in the UK in Suffolk that we were doing up almost 30 years ago.  How ironic, the barn had previously been restored in the late 1800’s  and its Victorian owners had re-cycled their unwanted headboards and used them to add support to the walls.  I love it that they’re being recycled again!  So, back in the 1980s when we uncovered them, we got them cleaned up – sandblasted and stove-enamelled but then somehow never came around to using them as headboards. We couldn’t bear to part with them so they came with us to Spain and spent years being stored under an orange tree, waiting to come to life.   Then, one day we decided we needed some fencing to separate one area of the garden from another and something to pierce through the solid mass of honeysuckle encrusted fence that surrounds the perimeter of the garden to provide a view through to the sea. Initially, we used bamboo sticks, pieces that we’d harvested from the bamboo hedge during pruning but soon decided on a better solution and the old headboards got a new lease of life!  We painted them with enamel paint in a dark forest green and then buried the end posts into the ground as far as they would go and secured them into place.

framing the view...

Here’s where the original inspiration came from – a pure and simple idea and a sight that you see from time to time around here.  People just re-using the stuff they’ve got…maybe it’s not that pretty but it functions and it got me thinking…

re-cycled bed frames



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