I’m dreaming of the garden at Casa Limón

by casita limón loves...mediterranean inspiration...

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I’m dreaming of the garden at Casa Limón…At the moment, my family and I are living in England. We’ll probably be here for a while, years probably. There are many, many good reasons right now why we should be here – education for our kids, and work for us. Whilst it’s absolutely the right place for us to be right now,  I do miss Spain and when the weather is so cold and wet I find myself dreaming of my lovely garden in Spain. When we bought our ‘cortijo’ (cottage in Spanish), the garden was a dust bowl, punctuated by many, wonderful fruit trees; oranges, mango, chirimoya (custard apples), sharon fruit, etc. We lived with it like this for many years. Our hot summers were spent blowing up inflatable swimming pools, repairing punctures and diligently watering the fruit trees by hand from a long hose. Our springs were spent frantically strimming down the weeds, in order to avoid a fire hazard during the summer months to come. Eventually, we turned our minds to redesigning the garden. I got out my drawing pens and dusted them down and resolutely resigned myself to redesigning the wild west. The garden had been such a natural and magical place for the kids to grow up in, that I had been reluctant to change it. In its ‘raw’ state it had hosted so many wonderful beasts  – cats, mice, grasshoppers, centipedes, snails, toads – all providing hours of fascination and educationally much better than a biology class. However, the time had come and the plans were drawn, the builders were called in, the digger arrived.  Hours and days of sweat and tears later this is the result: