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Welcome to Casita Limón Loves!

dreamstime_m_35002397 (2)Welcome to Casita Limón Loves – a lifestyle blog dedicated to all the wonderful things associated with Mediterranean living. Throughout the blog, you will find articles that we hope will inspire you – from Mediterranean style ideas for the home and garden, upcycling projects that focus on re-using and re-loving discarded items and recipes that focus on simple nutritious food and gifts from the garden.  The emphasis at Casita Limón Loves is on healthy and ethical consumption and integrity within design and lifestyle choices. Our philosophy is one of simple pleasures – uncomplicated like the Mediterranean lifestyle itself.



Casa Limon & Casita Limon

…So, way back when, we decided to sell our London flat and move to Spain’s Costa Tropical in the province of Granada.  We bought a simple little house on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with a large garden full of nature’s bounty – oranges, lemons, pomegranates, figs and grapes to name but a few of the delights that were waiting us.  Oh the joy and the trepidation! having only ever owned a window box in London before the thought of maintaining all these glorious fruit trees that so kindly shared their abundance with us was daunting.  We soon learned that gardening in the sun isn’t hard as long as you keep things watered and loved, a little bit of pruning (at the right times,  following the cycles of the  moon) and Paco’s your uncle, Mari’s your aunt…


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lemon trees at casa limon


The name for our blog comes from our home – Casa Limon and the little house in our garden Casita Limon.  Casa Limon is a farmhouse situated on a hill in the countryside above the horseshoe shaped bay of La Herradura.  Casita Limon used to be an out-building  for the previous owner’s animals – chickens, pigs and dogs, but has been reincarnated as a little ’boutique style’  cottage for guests. To get to the house you drive up into the hills with the sea glinting behind you on a meandering little country lane past avocado farms, almond trees and nisperas.



casa limon – photo by Jeremy Standley


casa limon

casa limon – photo by Jeremy Standley

5th May 2014

casita limon

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